"My concern in paying for coverage is I’m hoping I’ll receive equivalent value from the analyst’s feedback.  My particularly concerns, based on coverage that friends have shown me for their screenplays-in-progress, is that I might not get the honest, critical analysis that would point out weaknesses in the script.   For me, coverage means finding a person who, knowing nothing about me or my story, can give me a professional analysis of what needs to be addressed.  That requires an analyst with an experienced eye, a good grasp of story structure, and a feel for character development.  Still it’s a risk – you don’t know who or what you’re going to get when you seek coverage from various online sites.  I certainly don’t want to pay for false flattery.  That’s of no help.  Joanna Ke is transparent – one can view her work in the film industry, as well as learn about her script reading background.  She also offers sample coverage upon request.  Reading her sample coverage allowed me to evaluate her analytical ability.  I’m pleased to report that she provided me with excellent feedback on an early draft of my screenplay – she pointed out my story’s strengths and weaknesses and offered suggestions for how to approach making improvements in the story’s structure.  I now know exactly what needs to be remedied and I’m off and running."

-Phyllis MacBryde, Writer/Producer

"Our company came to rely on Joanna’s ancillary expertise and commitment in identifying and honing worthy material and in building relationships with our clients. She is adept at cycling between tones and focuses depending on the context and needs of a particular project, and her acting background gives her uncommon insight into executing impactful character arcs and singular dialogue on the page. Her taste and acumen are exceptional, and with her work ethic and cogent analytical writing skills, Joanna would be an asset to any story department or private client in need of consultation."
-Cameron Cubbison, Co-Founder of ScreenCraft

“Joanna is a very thorough and professional script consultant and we highly recommend her. She has covered two of our full length scripts and will be covering our next one very shortly. She gave each of our scripts a personalized development plan that covered our story, structure, characters, dialogue, pace, conflict, budget and marketability. She is always spot on! Joanna's services are indispensable to us.”

-Elizabeta Vidovic and Kathryn Michelle, Producers and Screenwriters of Almost Normal Productions

"We cannot recommend Joanna highly enough. Her opinion is one we know we can trust with our most important projects. Her work ethic is strong, her heart is in this, and she would be a tremendous asset to anyone seeking assistance in film or television."

-Greg Gertmenian, Co-Founder of Spec Scout

“Joanna was more than reasonably priced and worth every penny!  We sent it to other industry professionals and all the notes were right on par, especially the ones that made the most sense and resonated with us the most!   It was all very constructive and taught me a lot. And made it seem easier than I thought to input the changes we needed to.

I was surprised at how in depth it was.  I loved how we got personal notes in one version. That was very helpful.  I hated seeing the word PASS on our script, but Joanna really spelled out how to possibly fix this and WHY it would be PASSED on by a production company, say.  And gave us the suggestions on how to make it more studio/investor reader friendly.

I would say you will get 100 percent honesty from a very skilled and educated person who knows what she is talking about when it comes to structure, story telling, and what would get someone to want to buy your screenplay or not.  And for a great, reasonable price worth every penny!”

-Adam Huss, Actor/Producer/Writer

“I really had no worries spending money for coverage from someone who was recommended to me from a reputable source.  I feel great about my purchase - I'm about 20% through another draft and am happier with my script. A lot of your notes were on issues I know my script had already. I was most interested in how the story overall resonated with you. 

Overall your open and honest remarks about the screenplay were great.  The best thing about paying for coverage versus having your friends and family read it, is the reader will usually give more pointed feedback.  Your feedback was better than some I have received from The Blacklist on another script.  They went a little too easy on the draft I submitted. I will recommend you to my friends and tell them you give solid feedback in a fast turn around time.  I would tell them not to wait until draft 4 or 5 to have you take a look at it.  Your prices are reasonable and it is well worth having you go over it and give feedback on how things are going.  I think some people wait too long to share their work with strangers - but you are very professional and I know they would be in good hands."

-Michael Brown, Freedom Fighter Studios, Writer

“These are terrific notes!  Thank you very much.  I previously received notes from two very experienced, produced, professional screenwriters, who have placed highly in the Nicholl Fellowship and Page Awards, and your coverage was easily more thorough, understandable, and valuable.  Now that I’ve seen the high quality of analysis you give, I will recommend your services even more enthusiastically.

Anyone who is serious about their career will be willing to pay for professional coverage and Joanna’s prices are lower than most, certainly lower than she deserves for the quality of her work

I was very pleasantly surprised by the length and detail of the coverage and extremely pleased by the usefulness of her remarks as I go into the next revision.  Joanna’s comments were very insightful, clearly explained, and showed extensive understanding of what makes a strong screenplay.  She thoroughly covered a variety of elements of the screenplay – premise, structure, character, conflict, dialogue, pacing, originality, logic, tone, and craft – with obvious knowledge of each aspect.

I have already recommended Joanna to other writers and will continue to do so.  Joanna is a very skilled and knowledgeable script analyst, whose invaluable coverage will help you get your screenplay to optimal, sellable quality.”

-Brian McLaughlin, Emerald Elephant Films, Producer/Writer

...and more upon request!