From Joanna:

“Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for the visual story. I have an innate understanding of story structure and attention to detail. That, combined with having worked with producers, screenwriters, and literary management as a script reader has given me the tools to be able to help you polish your feature screenplay, get past the ‘gatekeeper’ by identifying your script’s strengths and weaknesses and find the stories that are ready to be told.

I want to help you tell the stories you want to share with the world!


With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Joanna first received her training as a script reader with a literary management company - reading everything from drama and horror to comedies, pilots, specs and shorts to be able to identify screenplays ready for production and find strong screenwriters based on an understanding of the core elements of a successful script. Since then, she has read for producers, major studios and screenwriters, helping to find the screenplays ready to be produced and to polish the stories writers have written.

Unlike other story analysts, Joanna’s experience as an actor helps her have a keen eye for character and dialogue while her own experience as a writer and award-winning filmmaker helps her understand the creative process when consulting on a script. As a screenwriter, she studied with the late, great Syd Field. Joanna is known for her ability to masterfully analyze screenplays, articulate objectively what’s working and what’s not and help writers move into feeling confident in how to specifically improve their work.